It is ACC Construction Co. Inc policy to strive for the safe performance of all of our work. ACC Construction Co. is committed to maintaining safe and healthful work places and to protecting the public against any potential hazards caused by our operations. It is our goal to have projects with no accidents and a positive safety climate on each job site. Safety is critical to ACC Construction Co., and it is an integral part of our operations. We believe that accidents are preventable and each of us must actively and continuously participate in maintaining safe work places and abating hazards before they arise.

A safety hazard analysis will be conducted prior to the prepatory meeting for each phase of work to develop the AHA; this will assist in assuring that no hazards slip through the cracks.

Subcontractors and suppliers will be required to adhere to our Accident Prevention Plan while working on any ACC Construction job site. All subcontractor personnel working on the job site will be required to attend the Weekly Safety Meeting. Subcontractor supervisory personnel must attend all Preparatory Meetings related to their scope of work to review safety problems and procedures. This safety information will be distributed to all individuals participating in the work covered by the Preparatory Meeting.

Subcontractors and suppliers will coordinate any potential conflicts at the weekly coordination meeting. The Network Analysis System will serve as a guide as to all work to be performed.

  1. Each subcontractor and supplier will assure that their personnel abide be the requirements of the EM 385-1-1 Safety and Health Manual, OSHA regulations, and this Accident Prevention Plan.

Suppliers will coordinate deliveries to prevent safety problems during loading and unloading. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) must be on the job site (5) working days prior to product arrival.