ACC Construction Company was founded in 1987 by Mason H. McKnight, III. Until that time Mr. McKnight was working for the family business, McKnight Construction Company (started by his father and grandfather), and obtained a bachelors in Business Administration from Augusta State University.

With its primary focus on United States Military work, ACC Construction Company quickly expanded from Georgia into the southeast (South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee and Kentucky) with current projects stretching throughout the United States and Internationally.

ACC Construction Company has seen annual revenues in excess of $175,000,000 and has received over $1billion in completed contracts through 2012. ACC employs between 35 and 48 full time employees, depending on current work loads.

The second generation of McKnight’s have come into the work force. Two of Mason McKnight, III's sons have returned after college to work for ACC. Mason McKnight, IV, Vice President, is head of the International Team and Matthew McKnight, also Vice President, is in charge of the U.S. Team.

ACC Construction Company is proud of its 25-year history of producing projects on-time and under budget. The company continues the approach that it was founded on, having the CEO, Mason McKnight, III, involved daily in the design and construction of the project.